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The Couch Dress
Rank: A Very Model of a Modern Major General Ivana B. Awesome
Nominated by Ivana B. Awesome

3rd Place October 08

Wow! The Couch Dress...who wouldn't want to snuggle up to you! Perfect for those evenings you want to stay in and still look your best! Any self respecting woman would crochet this for herself...but if your short for time.....check out http://www.pantalaine.com for this and many other Awesome products.

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The Couch Dress was voted MORE AWESOME than:

Abraham Lincoln

Blooming Onion

Dan Deacon

Spiderman tattoo

Meat Suitcase

Mullet Family

Sliced Bread


Navel Fluff Collection

Tree Hugging



Charlie Sheen

Mexican Pointy Boots

The Couch Dress was voted LESS AWESOME than:

Candy Cigarettes


Chia Pets

Moustache Balaclava

Moustache Balaclava

Shaved Ball Cap

Giant Nintendo Controller

Little Superstar

Meat Suitcase

Sliced Bread


Venus Fly Traps

Cuy - last supper

yngwie malmsteen

Theo Jansen's Art

General Lee 01


Mock Apple Pie

Mock Apple Pie

El Chupacabra

Robocop on a Unicorn

Roller Derby


Dwight K. Schrute

Miracle On Ice

President Obama

Velcro Shoes

Erwin Wurm's "Fat House"

The Hamburger Bed

Bob Ross

Aurora Borealis

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Badass Mountain Men

Beer Maids



Paul Bunyan

Space Invader Invasion

This Super Stars MusiCard

Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator

The Brick Testament

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

Captain James T. Kirk



Johnny Cash

Teddy Roosevelt

James Earl Jones Counts to 10

Death Star

Literal Video Versions

Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee

Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka

Hunter S. Thompson



Extent of the Universe

Emperor Norton

Jesus Riding A Dinosaur

Walking on the Moon

Les Claypool

Captain EO

it's gonna be hot.


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Abraham Lincoln
Rank: George Ivan Awesomeoff
Nominated by Ivan Awesomeoff

Hmm.. "Honest Abe".. This might not be a totally obvious inclusion, but let's review some accomplishments:

  • First President with a beard.   Not just a beard though, a truly classic beard, known in some circles as the 'Friend Beard'.  This beard had all the warmth needed to get through a tough winter in the White House, but with no moustache, Abe was still also a terrific kisser.
  • Handy with an axe.
  • 6'4" - and if that wasn't dominating enough.. he always wore a top hat.  He must have looked like the Pimp Bot 5000 while walking around in a crowded room. 
  • Kept an envelop on his desk in his notoriously cluttered office labeled "if you can't find it anywhere else look in this."
  • Was a hit with the ladies (even thought they should vote!)
  • Once accepted a duel (the other dude bailed of course.)
  • Held seances at the White House to contact dead realatives.
  • Reportedly dreamed the future.  
Not enough for you?  Oh, well, you know, it's also said he won the civil war, and freed the slaves.  All before the most dramatic exit of any sitting president. 
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Abraham Lincoln was voted MORE AWESOME than:

Airblaster Ninja Suit

Blooming Onion

Abraham Lincoln was voted LESS AWESOME than:

The Couch Dress

Moustache Balaclava


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cityhugger commented ( about this matchup ) on 10/18/2008
I can't vote on this one - apples and oranges. reply high five

Rank: Schultz K.J.
K.J. commented ( about this matchup ) on 10/18/2008
How can you pick a friggin throw rug over freeing the slaves?? reply high five

Anonymous commented ( about The Couch Dress ) on 10/12/2008
Can I get that in purple?? reply high five

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