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Cuy - last supper
Rank: Schultz Jerza
Nominated by Jerza

This may be old hat to a lot of people who have spent time in South America. I had not, and was quite interested to learn of the delicacy of Cuy, and its impact on all things Andean...

Cuy is more common than turkey or beef on the tables of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. What is Cuy you ask? Remember that cuddly sweet little Guinea Pig you had as a pet when you were 9? Yup, that's Cuy.

But even cooler than just eating Guinea pigs, is the fact that they were so revered in the Andean culture — when the Catholic church was trying to gain a foothold in the 18th century—that they went ahead and started painting frescoes of the Last Supper in the cathedrals of Cusco with a roasted guinea pig in the center of the table. Apparently the locals weren't going to really be down with their new savior without a fuzzy little pig on the table.

What I think is really missing from this equation though, is why hasn't the rest of the world adopted this technique? I mean, wouldn't Catholicism catch on even better in Mexico with some tacos on the table? In Italy, a depiction of the desciples sucking down some noodles? And how about the Chinese version, with a heaping helping of kung pow!!

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Little Superstar
Rank: George Ivan Awesomeoff
Nominated by Ivan Awesomeoff

October 2008 Champion

If we had a resident science teacher, and they gave us a weekly pop quiz:

"Define the word awesome using a carbon-based life form weighing less than 50 lbs."

 The only answer possible... is Little Superstar.  


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Rank: George The Dude
The Dude commented ( about Little Superstar ) on 9/24/2009
This video just makes me happy every time I watch it! reply high five

Rank: George Ivan Awesomeoff
Ivan Awesomeoff commented ( about Little Superstar ) on 9/15/2009
There is no doubt in my mind that if we sent Little Superstar back in time 2009 years and he did this dance he would have out shined Jesus and have overtaken the title of 'son of god'. reply high five

Rank: Teddy Godbot
Godbot replied to Ivan Awesomeoff on 9/15/2009
Sorry, but Jesus is "Lord of the Dance." reply high five

Rank: Pepper Zahg
Zahg replied to Godbot on 9/16/2009
I thought that was Michael Flatley. reply high five

Rank: Gomer HankBobs
HankBobs commented ( about Cuy - last supper ) on 10/13/2008
yummmmmy reply high five1

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