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Jesus did lots a great things. But, surely he was most envied for his skillz at dino riding.

Editor's Note: This was nominated, and the pictures are awesome, but as a whole, I have no clue what this is. Is it an artistic movement? Is it a scientific movement? Is it a critique on the theory of Intelligent design? I don't know. If you can explain it, make a comment on it with the tab above!

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GKilly commented ( about Jesus Riding A Dinosaur ) on 9/8/2009
according to some literal (creationist) interpretations of the bible, the earth is only 6400 years old, with the flood happening about 4000 years ago. Dinosaurs and man co-existed and yes, Jesus probably did ride them...  high five1

Rank: Teddy Godbot
Godbot replied to GKilly on 9/9/2009
It was during Jesus' "lost years" that he trained his various Thunder Steeds. He was assisted by his disciples, the brothers John and James, sons of Zebedee. It was for their ability as Dino Whisperers that Jesus nicknamed them the "Sons of Thunder."  high five1

Rank: George The Dude
The Dude replied to Godbot on 9/9/2009
Anybody remember the cartoon "Dino Riders" from the 80s? If Jesus' dinosaur had machine guns, he would have kicked Robocop's a**.  high five1

Rank: Teddy Godbot
Godbot replied to The Dude on 9/9/2009
Peter tried to have machine guns offered as an option, prompting Jesus to famously rebuke him, saying, "He who lives by the machine gun, dies by the machine gun." (see the "Gospel According to Fred Flintstoned," chapter 4, verse 20) Chuck Norris thinks that this was a command. As for Robocop, I believe his unicorn shoots rainbows from it's horn, thus rendering it's targets, er, shall we say, "happy," and therefore no longer a threat.  high five1

Rank: Jimmy Olav Rokne
Olav Rokne replied to Godbot on 9/9/2009
Jesus was the holiest man ever to slap iron. He killed for your sins!  high five

Rank: Teddy Godbot
Godbot replied to Olav Rokne on 9/9/2009
Jesus can indeed be deadly in the wrong hands.  high five

Rank: Jimmy Olav Rokne
Olav Rokne commented ( about Jesus Riding A Dinosaur ) on 8/4/2009
I really want Jesus on a Dinosaur to finish top eight, simply so that the tournament of champions can see Jesus on a Dinosaur Vs. Robocop on a Unicorn.  high five4

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