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Sleeping alone is not awesome.  Whether your boyfriend/husband/roomate/neighbor is on a busines trip, or you kicked him to the curb, your going to bed alone tonight.  Its not about the sex--their might be a latex blow-up doll to fill that void--this product is just about that wonderful, comforting feeling of having a strange posable lifeless arm wrapped around you in the middle of the night. 

No, waaaait a second, that was the nightmare I woke up screaming to last night, right?

These Boyfriend pillows created by Kameo Corp have been popular in Japan for decades.  Japanese women have long enjoyed peaceful nights of sleep without interuption by snoring, B.O., restless legs, bad breath or other unpleasent odors.

The craze has now reached global proportions and men have decided they don't want to be left out. They can choose to cozy up to a bikini-topped silent cheerleader.

Boyfriend Pillow was voted MORE AWESOME than:

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Boyfriend Pillow was voted LESS AWESOME than:



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Word on the Street

Rank: Burr xyop96
xyop96 commented ( about Boyfriend Pillow ) on 3/10/2009
i think this and MAP need to have a LAMEOFF  high five

Rank: Jimmy Olav Rokne
Olav Rokne replied to xyop96 on 3/10/2009
Perhaps add one-on-one losers bracket to the finals?  high five

Rank: George Ivan Awesomeoff
Ivan Awesomeoff replied to Olav Rokne on 3/12/2009
I actually own, but I'll probably never do that site. Come on though boyfriend pillow isn't that bad. To me it represents hope. Its for people who are sleeping alone, but really don't want to get comfortable with that!  high five1

Rank: George The Dude
The Dude commented ( about Boyfriend Pillow ) on 3/3/2009
The picture of the lady reading a book... Dude her boyfriend pillow is totally copping a feel!  high five

Rank: George Ivan Awesomeoff
Ivan Awesomeoff replied to The Dude on 3/4/2009
I think she opted for the creep version, just $5 more!  high five

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